“Success is measured one project at a time”

In the past decades, Siam Scandinavian Construction and Business had successfully accomplished different projects. Our company strived to bring out the best quality of products and services by meeting all our clients requirements and request in a timely manner.

We had provided services in different field from in Industrial design, Boilers, Bio-fuels, pressure vessels, engineering, construction, steel fabrication, and biomass power. Our team of licensed engineers combined their knowledge and undergo technical research and studies to produce a more functional system.





F Fabrication

E Electrical

P Pipping

A Aircon

C Civil work

N Engineering

M Mechanical

R Relocation

M/C Installation

T Roadworks

V Conveyors

W Wastewater

Project Category
  • Category: Boiler Fabrication
  • Category: Fabrication and Installation Converyor

  • Category: Supplied and Installation Steam Boiler System
  • Category: Citric Acid Plant

  • Category: Pipping Work for Paper Machine
  • Category: City Hall of Chumporn

  • Category: Central Government Meeting Hall
  • Category: Fabrication and Installation HRSG System

  • Category: Machine Installation for Fiber Line
  • Category: Machine Installation for Paper